Friday, June 17, 2005

recurring dreams

Just as me & Caz are left bemoaning the Big 4 Caravan Park,
the hilariously persistent Gideons,
the blue vinyl book of local attractions like
the sausage meat pizza we got
& scampered to scoff in front of
the city news, the threat posed to her Birkenstocks
by the unglamorous Bass Strait tide
& the big broken-off rocks beachcombers need to climb

the shore of the Med is stone, she said

So there are still millions
utterly blind to the cynicism
espoused by us who had all this as kids:
Commodores between each family cabin,
the drive from Melbourne to yr bit of ocean
not exactly that long but a cinematic marathon,
photos of flywire doors & dynasties of four,

boredom & worldliness left to future generations.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Your silhouette stood to attention
against the luxuriating streetlight unmoved
in its diffusion through the bedroom when
we met for I was in a suit with that
stretch your gait a little further feeling
all guys get unfailingly at 3am when
every presentation is a success

off the record less than transcendent investor yes
it is unconventional in my experience
for instantaneous interest to be expressed
I must warn you before I forget next morning
most blokes will have you as an odalisque
a fallback the constant possibility of sex
& if you think my saying that in shockingly

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