Wednesday, August 18, 2004


wilkommen to filmism. i've decided i waste so much of my life watching crap old & new movies, i may as well start up a blog dissecting & criticising them all.

my background is in poetry. i'm a widely published poet/writer. current postgrad student in english at melbourne university. i come to film as a kind of estranged onlooker. i both love & hate film. i was obsessed with cinema late in high school, & then totally lost interest when i realised what a shitful/infantile art form it is compared to literature/poetry/writing in general. i'm convinced film could do so much more than it does.

having said that, let it be known that i've been brought up purely on US cinema. this explains my filmic cynicism, & one thing i hope to achieve via this blog is relate my slow conversion to european & world cinematics. the kind of cinema which might allay my fears in regards to the art form as a whole.

all the same, i wanna kick things off by blogging on & on about all the US films i see weekly. they deserve attention & dismissal. primarily i'm here to help you decide what's a complete & utter waste of time, & what might enrich yr life.

i IMPLORE any readers out there to anti-review my reviews, i.e. if you don't agree with what i say, tear me to shreds! i'm no expert, & if you want to provide additional insights/arguments/whatever regarding the films i review, feel free to use the comments feature. even better, if you want to recommend films - any films - to us all, go ahead. i'm always keen to learn/hear about new stuff.

finally, bloggin inspiration props have gotta go out to alison croggon & ron silliman - two poetic/intellectual heroes of mine, whose blogs are bloomin incredible. n.b. alison's 'theatre notes':, & ron's blog:

wish me luck.


Blogger eHazel said...

Good luck William from eHazel in Adelaide.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Thanks for the nice words...

1:51 AM  

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