Sunday, October 10, 2004


it's been a while since i've updated - sorry. been well & truly sidetracked by literary (& political, ugh) matters. will try & get around to watching something soon.

having said that, i did arrive home stoned the other night to find lynch's 'the elephant man' was on tv. never seen it before (i've stupidly ignored lynch for too long), & after watching the first half hour or so before passing out, i came to the conclusion it's in a different stratosphere to most films. impeccably crafted, filled with a meditative kubrickian tension - twas bloody ludicrously good.

i promise to review something in full soon.


Blogger Coleberg said...

Hey Foxy,

You gotta make The Elephant Man your next Video or DVD.

I remember watching it in High School, back in the early 80s and doing a film review on it, It was a totally superb film, Totally encaptured me and was one of the only films to actually make me sob openly, I would've received a bit of a ribbing if half the class wasn't sooking also. And we weren't even stoned.

Love your Bloggs mate, I've always like your posts on Hotties board as you seem to be on the same cloud as me :)

Coleberg (AKA Madando)

1:45 PM  

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